How To Stop Hair Fall After Colouring?

Hair loss after colouring is a common concern among many individuals. Whether it be a permanent hair dye or a temporary colour, the chemicals involved can lead to hair damage and breakage. However, there are steps you can take to prevent further hair loss. One of the most essential things you can do is to use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to avoid further damage.

Additionally, it’s important to not wash your hair immediately after applying hair colour as this can strip away essential oils from your scalp, leading to further hair loss. Instead, wait for at least 72 hours before washing your hair. Lastly, remember to always be gentle while brushing or combing your hair as this can lead to further damage and breakage of hair strands. Follow these simple steps to promote healthier hair growth and prevent hair loss after colouring.

how to stop hair fall after colouring

What is Hair Colouring?

Hair coloring is the process of altering the natural color of your hair. This can be done with various dyes that come in a range of colors. However, to achieve a lighter color, bleach is often used. Bleach contains hydrogen peroxide, which strips the color from your hair.

While coloring your hair can be a fun and exciting way to switch up your appearance, it’s important to understand the risks involved. Bleaching and coloring your hair too frequently can damage your hair and leave it dry and brittle. It’s essential to use proper hair care and conditioning products to minimize the damage and extend the life of your hair color.

What Causes Hair Fall After Coloring?

As an expert in hair care, I often hear concerns from customers about hair loss after coloring. While coloring your hair can be a fun and exciting way to change up your look, it can also cause additional stress on your strands. One common cause of hair loss due to colored hair is the use of harsh chemicals found in many dyes.

These chemicals can penetrate the hair shaft and cause damage, leading to breakage and hair loss. Additionally, the process of coloring can lead to dry and brittle hair, which is more prone to falling out. However, with proper care and attention, it is possible to maintain healthy hair and minimize hair loss after coloring.

9 Tips to Prevent Damage and Hair Fall Caused By Coloring

1. Ensure you get good quality hair colour and the appropriate developer

When it comes to coloring your hair, using good quality products is key to preventing damage and hair fall. Not all hair color and developers are created equal, and choosing the right ones for your hair type and texture is crucial. Poorly formulated products can strip your hair of its natural oils and leave it dry and brittle, leading to breakage and hair fall. So, take the time to do your research and invest in a high-quality hair color and developer. Your hair will thank you for it!

2. Wash your hair less often

If you color your natural hair, you may be at risk of experiencing hair loss. Luckily, there are many ways to prevent damage and hair fall caused by coloring. One step you can take is to wash your hair less often. Washing your hair too frequently can strip it of natural oils, which can make it dry and brittle. Instead, try to go a few days between washes, and use a dry shampoo in between. This will help your hair retain its natural moisture and prevent breakage. By taking small steps like this, you can keep your hair healthy and prevent damage caused by coloring.

3. Use Dry Shampoo

If you’ve ever colored your hair, you know that it can often lead to hair fall and damage. But fear not! There are a few easy steps you can take to prevent this from happening. One of our top tips is to use dry shampoo. Washing your hair every day after coloring can strip it of its natural oils, leaving your locks dry and prone to breakage.

Dry shampoo helps absorb excess oil without the need for daily washing, which means less manipulation of your hair and therefore less potential for hair fall. By incorporating dry shampoo into your routine, you’ll be taking an important step towards maintaining your hair health and stopping hair from falling after coloring.

4. Nourish your hair

When it comes to preventing damage and hair fall caused by coloring, nourishing your hair is crucial. Incorporating natural oils like coconut and argan into your hair care routine can provide the necessary nutrients to keep your hair healthy and strong. Additionally, using a deep conditioning treatment or mask once a week can help repair any damage caused by coloring.

It’s important to remember that colored hair requires more maintenance and attention, so investing in high-quality products specifically designed for colored hair can also make a significant impact. By nourishing your hair, you can not only prevent damage and hair fall, but also maintain shiny, healthy looking locks.

5. Regular trimming

One of the best ways to prevent damage and hair fall from coloring is to make sure you’re regularly getting your hair trimmed. Split ends can travel up the hair shaft, causing even more damage, breakage and hair loss. By trimming your hair regularly, you can prevent split ends from forming and keep your locks looking healthy.

Experts recommend getting a trim every six to eight weeks, especially if you’re someone who colors their hair frequently. Not only will this help prevent hair fall, but it will also encourage healthy hair growth and give your hair a fuller, thicker appearance. So don’t skip out on those regular trims! Your hair will thank you for it.

6. Invest in color-protecting products

When it comes to coloring your hair, prevention is key to maintaining healthy locks. One of the best ways to safeguard your strands is by investing in color-protecting products. These specially formulated shampoos, conditioners, and treatments are designed to extend the life of your color and protect your hair from damage and breakage.

Look for products that contain ingredients like UV protectors, antioxidants, and keratin to help smooth and strengthen your hair. Not only will these products help prevent hair fall, but they’ll also keep your color looking vibrant and glossy for longer. Trust us, your hair will thank you for the extra TLC!

7. Don’t Skip Conditioner

If you’re someone who loves experimenting with hair colors, it’s important to take care of your hair and prevent any potential damage and hair fall. One of the key steps to follow is to never skip conditioner. Using a good conditioner after every wash helps to condition and moisturize your hair, and makes it more resilient to damage.

A myriad of conditioners is available in the market – from protein-based to moisturizing, and there are even some specifically formulated for colored hair. Choose one that works best for your hair type and condition, and ensure that you apply it evenly from root to tip. Don’t forget to rinse it off thoroughly with cool water to seal in the moisture, giving your hair the nourishment it needs and helping it to stay healthy.

8. Cut down the number of washes

Are you struggling with hair damage and hair fall due to excessive coloring? Fear not, because we have nine expert tips to prevent further damage and promote healthy hair growth. One of the easiest ways to prevent damage is to cut down on the number of washes. While it may be tempting to wash your hair daily, excessive washing can strip the hair of its natural oils and cause breakage.

Instead, try to limit washing to every other day or even every three days. This will allow the scalp to produce its natural oils, keeping the hair nourished and healthy. By following this simple tip, you can take one step towards preventing hair damage and achieving luscious locks.

9. Say no to heat treatments

Coloring your hair can look stunning, but the process can be harsh on your locks. Damage and hair fall are common issues, making post-coloring hair care very important. One of the ways to prevent damage and hair fall caused by coloring is saying no to heat treatments. After dying your hair, your mane is already vulnerable, and using hot styling tools like curling irons and straighteners can lead to breakage and thinning.

Instead, try to embrace your natural hair texture, or use heat-free styling alternatives like hair rollers or clips. By avoiding heat treatments, you’ll give your hair the much-needed break it deserves and keep it healthy and strong.

hair fall

When Will The New Hair Growth After Hair Fall?

Hair fall can be a distressing prospect for anyone, but it’s important to remember that our hair is constantly renewing and growing. While it’s normal to shed around 50-100 hairs per day, if you find yourself losing more than that, it’s worth consulting with a healthcare professional to rule out any underlying issues. In general, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months for new hair growth to appear after shedding.

This is because hair grows in cycles, and so new hair follicles need time to develop and grow. There are various factors that can affect the rate of hair growth, including genetics, age, and overall health, so it’s important to take good care of yourself and your hair to support healthy, robust growth. Luckily, there are many products and steps you can take to nourish your hair and promote growth. From regular scalp massages to balanced nutrition and the right hair care routine, there are plenty of ways to help your hair thrive and look its best.

For any further inquiries or assistance on how to stop hair fall after coloring, please don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable team. We’re here to help!


Is hair fall after colouring a temporary or permanent problem?

For many people, hair colouring is a fun and exciting way to switch up their look. However, it’s not uncommon to experience some hair fall after the process. So, is this a temporary or permanent issue? In most cases, hair fall after colouring is a temporary problem that can be addressed with the proper care and treatment.

The chemicals in hair dye can strip away natural oils and cause some damage to your hair follicles, leading to breakage or shedding. This can be mitigated by using hydrating shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks that replenish moisture and strengthen your strands. It’s also important to avoid excessive heat styling and to get regular trims to remove split ends. With a little TLC, your hair will bounce back in no time!

How soon after colouring can hair fall begin?

As an expert in the field, I understand that many individuals want to know how soon after colouring can hair fall begin. It is important to note that hair loss can be caused by a number of factors, and colouring your hair is just one of them. However, if not done properly, it can lead to dry, weak strands that are more prone to breakage.

Additionally, some individuals may experience an allergic reaction to the chemicals in hair dye, resulting in inflammation and temporary hair loss. It is recommended to wait at least a week or two after colouring before subjecting your hair to any harsh treatments or chemical processes to allow your strands to recuperate. If you notice significant hair loss or thinning, it may be best to consult with a professional to determine the underlying cause and discuss potential treatment options.

Is it normal after coloring to make your hair fall out?

One of the most commonly asked questions about hair coloring is whether or not it can cause hair loss. The truth is that it’s normal to see a few strands of hair falling out after coloring, especially if it’s your first time doing so. However, if you experience excessive hair loss or notice that your hair is becoming weaker and thinner over time, it may be a deeper issue.

It’s essential to ensure that the hair dye you’re using is of high quality and made from safe, non-toxic ingredients. You can also seek out the advice of a hair care expert who can recommend products and treatments that support healthy hair growth. Ultimately, taking care of your hair and using the right products is the best way to avoid any adverse effects from coloring.

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